MFE5 Who’s who?

MFE5: Speakers

Graham Black

Graham hails from Aberdeen where he is a prayer warrior and pastor to the pastors. Graham is passionate about intimacy with God and slowing down so that we don’t miss Him in our everyday ordinary lives. He likes nothing better than taking time, around a table, to be engaging with those who don’t know Jesus yet.

Elaine Duncan

Elaine is passionate about the bible – and ordinary people engaging with God’s Word, wherever they are in His world. She is the Chief Executive of the Scottish Bible Society and is on the board of Biblica Europe. Elaine is also a much sought after conference speaker at the likes of Keswick and other events.

MFE5: Worship

Thomas Harcus & Niall Fulton

MFE5: Hosts

Sam Hibbard

Pam Fulton